Going To Jeffreys

If you’re traveling from Portsmouth NH / Kittery Maine you just may pass this lighthouse at the mouth of the Piscataqua River.  Jefferys is about 30 miles east, at times the offshore weather can make it a smooth “lake” trip.  Other times you’ll be best to stay in port.   A good place to check the weather is at NH/ME Offshore Report8

Keep in mind an offshore forecast is a good guess of the weather to come, but minus the scientific jargon in fact a guess based upon collected data, computer models, and a NOAA meteorologist.  And while I respect their work keep in mind YOU are the one going out there, not the NOAA guy or gal.   I always check the actual off shore bouy data at Station 44098 – Jeffrey’s Ledge 

A few words of advise, in the summer one can hear distress calls on Channel 16 pretty much all day long.  Off shore fishing requires knowledge and preparation.  If you’re not sure about it you should probably get help before your trip. 

Like a pilot pre-flights aircraft before flying a check list is a great idea.  Mine is called the “fish list”.  It’s a Word doc that has all the items I need for a trip, only when I get lazy and don’t check them off while loading the boat do I miss things.  I NEVER go out without a fish list check off. 

One other thing, I always put the stern plug in the boat BEFORE I leave home.  Reaching down with your head in the water at 0430 just once will remind you this is a good idea.


Bait, Ice, Water, Knives, Tackle, Rods, Cutting Board, Stern Plug, Bonide, Cameras, Gun / Hearing Protection, MRE, Needle Nose, Sun Glasses- Reading Glasses, Alive, Rain Gear, Buckets, Thermos-coffee


Halogen lights, Generator – Tie Down, Battery Charger, AC Cords – DC Cord, Microwave, Inverter, Extra Cooler, M4, clips, ammo, 5 Gal fuel, Sleeping Bag






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