Fishing on Jeffreys

Jeffreys Ledge has been a productive fishing ground for recorded history and no doubt before then.  Most of Jeffreys is considered federal waters, fish caught there are regulated by both federal regulations and the state where the fish are technically “landed”….where your boat first comes to shore.

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Groundfish are regulated by state laws, HMS (Highly Migratory Species – Sharks, Tuna ) by federal law.  To fish on Jefferys you will need at least a state issued salt water fishing license in most cases.  If you plan to land sharks, tuna and other HMS fish you will need the appropriate federal permits.

Common groundfish on the Ledge include Cod, Cusk, Haddock, Hake, Pollock, and Redfish.  Halibut are caught on Jefffreys but are fairly rare.  HMS species included various species of Tuna and sharks, Blue Sharks perhaps the most often caught HMS.



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