How to Fillet Fish

Please watch the video below for an amateur demonstration of how to fillet fish, in this case a Cod. The first requirement is a RAZOR sharp knife. I’ve been buying restaurant knives to use as fillet knives. The Dexter Russell “Basic” as shown in the video is a great knife and cheap- on Amazon these cost about $12 to $15 dollars each. I buy boning or utility knives and they work great. For some odd reason once they use the word “filleting” the price seems to double.

I use the 8″ as shown in the video below- it’s much easier to fillet large fish with a longer knife.  A 6″ knife is better for smaller fish. 


Most knives come sharp from the factory, but not sharp enough.  I use an oilstone or fine diamond stone.  I keep about 8 knives on my boat and sharpen all before a trip.  If I find the knife seems like it will not take an edge I’ll go to a rougher stone and thin the knife edge before trying the fine stone again.  When done it should be as sharp as  a razor, or sharper.

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