Bottom Fishing Rigs

Perhaps the most common bottom fishing , (ground fishing) rig is the “high low” hook rig.  Inexpensive, this rig is simply two fairly large hooks with an attachment for a heavy weight on one end and a swivel on the other.  Twelve to sixteen ounces of weight is common.  The hooks are baited most often with raw clams though raw shrimp will also work.  In fact raw fish will attract Cod and other ground fish but seem to increase the chance of dogfish. 

Other bottom fishing jigs include polished steel jigs and teasers or “Cod flies” tied about a foot or two above.  The intent is to simulate a herring or such chasing a smaller fish, shrimp, squid or the like.  Either the jig or the fly may catch the fish.  It’s not a bad idea to add raw clam or shrimp to the rig to better your chances.

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