About Jeffreys Ledge

Jeffreys Ledge runs north / south along the New England coast from Maine to Massachusetts.


Most of Jeffreys Ledge is from about 8 miles to 35 miles from the coast. 

Due in part to the relative inaccessibility of Jeffreys Ledge the area is largely unspoiled.   In addition to the limited recreational fishing on Jeffreys there currently no commercial bottom dragging allowed. 

As a result of present fishing regulations and the limited recreational use Jeffreys Ledge continues to recover from the over fishing of past years.  On a typical trip one may encounter sharks, whales, seals, and at times spectacular fishing.  Tuna are elusive to most folks but to those knowledgeable and patient they are caught at Jeffreys. 



A seal visits my boat on Jeffreys Ledge.  It is NOT advisable to touch or attempt to touch a wild seal.  Seal are dangerous and have a vicious bite that often becomes infected.


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  1. Edward James Anderson

    This is Edward at ed@fishingfella.com and I would love to start fishing in April 2018 with a Charter that goes to Jeffrey’s Ledge I am done for this year with Hampton Harbor Fleet. Done pretty good.

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