Many folks have never been to Jeffreys Ledge, or even heard of it.  This website is devoted to understanding Jefferys Ledge and providing an online place for folks to meet, learn, discuss, and share information about Jefffreys.

Located in the Gulf of Maine this off shore underwater plateau runs from southern Maine to northern Massachusetts.  About 10 to 30 miles offshore Jeffreys Ledge is relatively close to land at all points.

 In the video above Dolphins guide my boat- I didn’t understand it at first but they were pointing my boat to a school of Tuna.  I can’t pretend to know why but this is what happened that day in June of 2012.

For those fishing the Ledge signs of Dolphins, whales, and birds may indicate the presence of bait fish such as Herring or Mackerel.   In these areas Tuna may also be found.



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  1. Blair Harden

    Looks Good !!!

  2. HD Barnett

    Congrats!! It looks like a well-run, well-managed site…

  3. Luke Martin (Reel Big Fish)

    Looks Great buddy!! You have done an excellent job!

  4. Bob Boucher

    Great Job! It won’t be long now. The WaterBoy and Reel Big Fish will see you on the ledge after the snow melts!

  5. David G


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